Where Are They Now: Steve Francis

Saturday night I watched about 5 minutes of the dunk contest. I could care less about it. If you’ve seen one dunk, you’ve seen them all. However, when they were showing the Vince Carter highlights from 2000, arguably one of the best performances of all time, my mind was blown. Nothing to do with the dunks, but the fact that STEVE FRANCIS was in second place to Vince.

Being from Houston, I always loved Steve. But watching those highlights of the dunk contest brought up the question of what the hell happened to him? Steve Francis was the man in Houston. He was a the face of the franchise. His nickname was even “The Franchise.” Francis was the 2nd pick overall in the 1999 Draft. He was the Rookie of the Year and a 3 time All-Star. For fuck sake he was even on the cover of NBA Live 2002 and March Madness 2000.



Now he is one of the biggest freak-shows there is. From small things like wearing your own jersey to a game:

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 3.24.53 PM

To dancing on stage and getting choked out:


To getting his chain snatched:

To pouring champagne over himself listening to “Drunk in Love”:


Not sure why he even goes out to clubs anymore. Either going to get his ass beat and dragged around like a rag doll or giving himself a champagne shower. Now I haven’t even got to his looks. He looks like a crack head who sleeps in a crock pot. Just his face slowly melting away like a marshmallow in a microwave.

I mean holy shit, look at this transformation in only a span of a couple years.


Now I know the whole downfall of Steve is well known by now. But man, just watching those dunk highlights Saturday night brought back the sweet memories of “The Franchise.” Sad story overall of how he was on top of the world, then falling to where he is now.

So to answer the question of where he is at now, I guess doing alright. He was spotted court-side with Tracy McGrady in December, so he can’t be doing too bad.1215_STEVE_FRANcis-kobe_LAKERS_TWITTERAnd for all the crack rumors going out there, he says he is “100% drug free … and talk that he’s using any type of illegal narcotic is baseless and totally out of left field.” As for his appearance, a source close to Steve told us there’s no health issue, “He’s just old.”

YEAH….that’s totally what a 38 year old is suppose to look like. But at least he isn’t under a bridge like most of us thought. Keep doing you Steve and hopefully your face will stop melting away.

Where Are They Now: Steve Francis

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