Rockets Vs. Blazers Recap/Rant- February 10th

It’s officially time to tank. This team is going nowhere and there is no short term fix. Drop a nuk on the whole squad and blow it up NOW before the trade deadline. Fire Bickerstaff and let JET coach. Find a good trade partner for Dwight who is willing to take on his player option next year and give us something relatively valuable. Bundle T-Jones and Corey Brewer in a trade for a new washing machine (I heard the 76ers have a FIRE new GE that keeps Jersey’s looking brand new). Bring in Markeiff Morris so we have some entertainment during our blowout losses. Let Smoove run the point. Absolutely nothing matters anymore this season. I have never witnessed a more inconsistent team in my life. I would rather watch the Texans because at least I expect them to be mediocre, the Rockets were supposed to contend for a championship.

Everyone seems to worship Morey, and I do appreciate that he is an aggressive GM. He has an eye for talent for sure. Kyle Lowry, Dragic, Whiteside, Covington, Harden, D-Mo, Capela and so on. Easy to say this after the fact, but what was the idea behind the assembling of this roster? Everyone knows the analytics…shoot threes, score in the paint, get to the free throw line. So why in the hell don’t we have any knockdown 3 point shooters? Why do we have some of the worst free throw shooters in all of the NBA? Why in the hell did Corey Brewer get a 3 year 24 million dollar contract and better yet why does he start, yet alone get playing time? We play pick-up style basketball, but only have one person on the roster who can create his own shot.

Last night was pathetic. At one point we were down by 21 points. We made a good run late in the late 3rd and early 4th to cut it to 5, and then we returned to proper Rockets form, made three dumbass plays in a row, and shit the bed. We eventually lost 116-103. 1st quarter Dwight and James came out hot scoring the first 26 Rockets points. I honestly wouldn’t say anyone had a good game though. James looked lazy again on defense and nearly had a quadruple double if you include turnovers. Dwight had a good individual game tallying 28 points and 13 rebounds, but had the lowest +/- at -24. Everyone else isn’t even worth mentioning. We are now 26-27 heading into the All-Star break and stand in 9th place in the West.

Next Up: Celebrity All-Star game. This honestly might be more aesthetically pleasing than Rockets games.


Rockets Vs. Blazers Recap/Rant- February 10th

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