Jeremy Shockey Being Investigated By The FBI For Drug And Gambling Ring Sounds About Right

via Bleacher Report- “Former NFL tight end Jeremy Shockey  is reportedly being investigated by the FBI for his possible association with a drug and gambling ring. According to Brad Hamilton of the New York Post, three FBI agents questioned Shockey last week regarding his friendship with accused ringleader Owen Hanson.”

Jeremy “The Patriot Police” Shockey is the newest former football player added to the drug and gambling ring led by former USC tight end Owen “O-Dog” Hanson AKA Americas Worst Nightmare (Menace 2 Society reference for all my non-cultured readers). The ring has been reported to use some intense scare tactics, including showing a beheading video to intimidate a guy to loan them drug money, which is definitely not surprising at all when your nicknamed O-Dog.


Shockey told the New York Post the following concerning his visit from the FBI last week…

“I thought he was in the real-estate business like me​. I’m a straight businessman. I don’t hang out with drug dealers or prostitutes. I’m here with my girlfriend making out, and I get a knock on my door from these agents. I said to them, ‘Come on in. I got nothing to hide.’”​​

Making out with his girlfriend? Lie number one right there. Shockey fucks, no kissing allowed.

“We met when I passed out at a pool party in Vegas — from dehydration. He came to Miami all the time. I treated him like a friend. I let him stay at my house. He loved to surf. We’d go to the gym together. We went to the same parties together.”

Lie number two, sort of. It depends if you consider being blackout drunk/ hungover a form of dehydration.

“I’m a drunk — I’m Irish. I’ve never had anything to do with drugs. And I would never do anything illegal to jeopardize what I’ve worked for.”

Lie number three. Shockey, the All-American man, the National Anthem Police, the guy with the stars and stripes/bald eagle tattoo on his right bicep that took 21 days to complete an Irishman? That’s a goddamn American. Definitely agree he’s probably a drunk though.

It’s ALL about the U.


Jeremy Shockey Being Investigated By The FBI For Drug And Gambling Ring Sounds About Right

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