Rockets vs. Suns Recap- February 4th

Woo-hoo we beat the 14-37 Phoenix Suns with no Eric Bledsoe or Brandon Knight! We are baaaaack! We started the game off slow (shocker), which led to Bickerstaff benching all of the starters as a wake-up call. Corey Brewer was the star of the night leading the team with 24 points on 9-12 shooting (yes you read that right). The Greyhound is now the 7th different player to lead the team in scoring on the year. Ariza had a solid game as well with 22 points in 37 minutes. He also had the task of marking the underrated Teletovic for the majority of the game.

It was promising to see us get a win without our stars contributing in a major way. Dwight returned from his one-game suspension for touching a referee and dropped a whopping 5 points. He did, however, contribute with some solid defense and 16 rebounds. James shot a measly 4/19 from the field, but shot a perfect 7-7 from the line. Hate on him getting to the line all you want, but free throws=efficiency. He’s probably the only dude who can shoot around 20% and still average around a point per field goal attempt.

Next up… the Portland Trail Blazers this Saturday. Fiasco crew will be at the Golden Nugget this weekend so I’m mentally preparing myself in advance to money on the Rockets.

Rockets vs. Suns Recap- February 4th

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