Super Bowl Prop Bets

The Super Bowl is notorious for its prop bets. Degenerates love it because there are tons of stupid things to bet on. From what side the coin flip lands on, to what color the Gatorade is that is being dumped on the winning coach’s head. There are seriously hundreds of different bets. Here is a look at just 10 of the Prop Bets for Sunday via Bovada:

Super Bowl MVP

Cam Newton  -130

Peyton Manning +370

Jonathan Stewart +2300

Von Miller/ Luke Kuechly +2600

Shiloh Keo +25000 (Seriously)

Team to Score First

Carolina -145

Denver +115

First Scorer Wins Game

Yes -165   No +135

Length of National Anthem

O/U 140 Seconds -120

Millions of Viewers

O/U 117 Million -120

Cam Newtons First Dab- Quarter

1st +100    2nd +150     3rd +650    4th +1200

Manning Gets Benched

Yes +400    No -600

Mike Carey Wrong About a Challenge

Yes +145  No -190

Beyonce Cleavage During Halftime Show

Yes -400   No +275

Earthquake During Game

Yes +1000



For all Prop Bets and different sites with different lines, click here. 




Super Bowl Prop Bets

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