Johnny F. Football News-Police Use Helicopter to Find Him

CBSsportsOn Saturday the Fort Worth, Texas Police Department reported an alleged “altercation”involving Johnny Manziel and his ex-girlfriend, Colleen Crowley. It was the latest concerning item on a broad sheet of problematic behavior with the Browns quarterback. Particularly concerning about this incident? Police needed a helicopter to track down Manziel. According to a statement by the Forth Worth police, they used their Air One Unit helicopter to try to find Manziel because the female — who told police Manziel was her ex-boyfriend — was worried about his well-being.

Ole’ Johnny Football is at it again. This time doing his best impression of Henry Hill. Imagine him just driving around Dallas paranoid looking towards the sky for the chopper.

But in all seriousness, Johnny is done in the NFL, right? This is the second time Manziel and Crowley were involved in an “incident” that resulted in the police being involved. With the league already in hot water with domestic violence issues, (Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, etc.) he better hope Roger Goodell doesn’t get involved. This isn’t even including all the other boozing issues he has dealt with in the last 2 seasons. It’s almost certain he is done in Cleveland, but will any team scoop him up knowing all the baggage he brings? I’m a Manziel fan, but man the guy needs to go M.I.A for awhile. Take a little vacation. Go rogue. Stay out the news for a minimum week or two. 

To put the cherry on top, you picked the worst week of the season to fuck up. Now all of radio row in San Fran will be talking about you. At least the guy has a job for life signing autographs in College Station.

RIP Johnny F. Football. Goodnight sweet prince, it was fun while it lasted.


Johnny F. Football News-Police Use Helicopter to Find Him

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