Black Friday’s On Twitter

Regular twitter’s a neat little app. It’s where I get my news on sports, pop culture, politics, etc. BLACK twitter is a whole-nother universe. That’s where I get my laughs. Let’s face it, black dudes are just naturally funnier than us. They’re born that way. I wish I was half as creative as the shit I see posted everyday, but sadly I’m not. Every Friday I will start to compile the craziest shit I see on twitter that week. So for the first time ever, I present to you “Black Friday’s.”

Let’ start off hot with the Kanye-Wiz-Amber Rose drama….



Perfectly transitioning into #KanyeAnalPlaylist

(Huge Craig David fan btw, the Drake before Drake)

Then this guy who thinks Earth is the size of Houston…

And the reactions….

Agent 0 on IG talking about strip clubs, Flint, and Sourpuss. A little distasteful there Gilbert, but to be honest there is nothing I hate more than sourpuss.

gilbert 1

Thot Level: 100


That’s all I got for today, I’ll be more active on twitter next week. Until next time…

Black Friday’s On Twitter

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