Degenerate Picks Jan 29th-NBA Edition

It’s Friday night and you want to make watching basketball a little more interesting, so you decide to throw down a couple bets with your bookie. Well if your going to bet some money you might as well win right. Here’s a couple lines I’m throwing some money on for tonight’s NBA lineup.

Cleveland at Detroit, Det +4.5

Ya, ya, ya why would I take Detroit against Cleveland. Well Detroit is 15-6-1 at home against the spread. Pretty good right? To make things even better Cleveland is 9-12-2 against the spread on the road. Combine these factors together and you got your self a nice chance of winning some money.

Brooklyn at Dallas, Dal -9

First things first, Brooklyn is complete ass this year. Add the fact Dallas is 14-7 at home against the spread and you got yourself a nice bet. Following a loss (they lost to the Heat on Tuesday), Brooklyn is 14-16 against the spread. Add in the fact that the Mavericks are 13-8 against the spread when favored and this seems to be a sure fire bet.

Houston at Oklahoma City, Hou +7.5

Normally I would stay away from this game. To be flat out honest, the Rockets are about as shitty as it gets against the spread, but fuck it they are my home town squad and we are on prime time NBATV tonight. The Thunder have been squeezing out some close wins against teams like Minnesota and a Knicks team that didn’t have Melo, they even lost to Brooklyn. With the entire nation watching I think this will be a close game to the end.

Bonus: Charlotte at Portland, Portland -6.5

I’m betting this late night game based off how I do in my early games. I like the game solely for the reason that Damian Lillard was left out of the All-Star game yet again. Dame Dolla came into the league with a chip on his shouldercoming out of Weber State. Tonight that chips going to be a even bigger since he’s clearly played well enough to be invited to Toronto. Look for Lillard to ball the fuck out and get his team a big win tonight.


Degenerate Picks Jan 29th-NBA Edition

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