Not sure what Wiz was thinking, but to quote my boy Omar from The Wire “When you come at  the King, you best not miss.” Being a Kanye fan is like being in a cult. You fuck with Kanye, you have to answer to the millions of cult members willing to die at his expense . He has branded himself so well that people literally call him Yeezus and bow at his Red Octobers. In short, Kanye followers are maniacs and I’m proud to say that I’m one of them. You either love him or hate him. Personally, one of the first albums I remember purchasing was  College Dropout on my 11th birthday Febriuary 11th, 2004 and I haven’t looked back since.

Let’s get back to the feud. It was just your average Wednesday at work for me. Get some shit done, go piss, check twitter, repeat, when all the sudden I see Wiz getting ethered, or should I say eithered, by Kanye.

It all started last night when Kanye tweeted that he changed the album title yet again from SWISH to Waves. Young Khalifa man seemed to take exception to that with a series of tweets about Max B creating the Wave blah, blah, blah. However, one particular tweet stating “Hit this kk and become yourself.” sparked one of the most epic Kanye rants since he attacked Jimmy Kimmel.


Yes I know KK stands for Khalifa Kush, but I’m 50-50 whether or not Wiz was talking about Kim or the devils lettuce in that tweet. Considering he was going at Ye the night before I think he was trying to pull a fast one. And once he saw Kanye start to end his career one tweet at a time he had to pull the old “dude it was about pot chill out.”

But how fucking money was that Kanye rant. Like every interview he does he totally goes off tangent like 3 times forgetting he is supposed to be dissing the guy. He first compliments his pants and then he’s all like “fuck wait. I just gave him a compliment.” so he proceeds to make sure Wiz knows HE’S the reason Wiz is allowed to do so. Then later he compliments his stature most likely because he felt a little guilty after saying he is the father to his kid. I wasn’t able to compile all the tweets since they were deleted, but tweet of the day is between Kanye making fun of Wiz’s single “Work Hard, Play Hard” with a Kimoji crying face and Amber firing back at Kanye saying she used to play with his asshole. Not too much of a shocker to me actually cause Kanye seems like the type of guy who gets weird in the sack considering he is a fucking lunatic, but I’m pretty sure when he and Amber broke up he paid her an undisclosed amount to never discuss their sexual endeavors. If he chooses to pursue that legally he might even get paid off this rant. GENIUS!

Wiz was probably super stoned last night and fired off some tweets. That is probably the most expensive bud Wiz has ever smoked considering the future profits he will probably lose from beefing with Kanye. Most people get high, watch movies and grub, Wiz likes to make enemies with the craziest dude on the planet.

To every other rapper who will never read this blog, just remember that if you fuck with Kanye you fuck with 16 year old white kids who reply to his every tweet with “dad”, people who have no idea who Paul McCartney is, and the 100 million weekly Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s viewers… AKA the most ignorant people in the world.




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