Rockets vs Spurs Recap – January 27th

Going into last nights game the Rockets were hopeful that they could give the Spurs their first home loss of the season. Since the addition of J Smoove (Josh Smith) the Rockets are 3-0 and have been playing good basketball. With that momentum and Dwight coming off injury we had plans to get nice win on the road. We knew Coach Pop would have the Spurs ready to play, especially after coming off a 30 point ass whooping by Golden State.

After the first, the Rockets looked alright and I had a good feeling about the game. That good feeling quickly faded as the Rockets began to shit the bed. This game was over half way into the second quarter. Spurs pulled away quickly and their lead stretched to 31 and never went below 17 as they got the W 130-99.

Harden got his offensively, but defensively was too often found in no man’s land allowing Danny Green to light it up from the 3pt line. Dwight played well coming off an ankle injury but too many times we couldn’t get him the ball with smaller defenders on him. Although Dwight continued his great free throw shooting, 7/8, the team as a whole missed 17 in tonight’s loss. Combine that with the fact that we couldn’t knock down an open 3pt shot contributed to the humiliation. To top it off, our shitty defense allowed the Spurs to shoot over 50% from behind the line and 55% from the field. Can we please trade Terrence Jones already?

All in all, Rockets reverted back to a lot of the same old shit that Houston fans are tired of. Lazy defense, awful passes, and a stagnant offense. The Spurs are now 25-0 at home.

And to Spurs fans reading this and smiling, fuck you. Oh and TMac 13 in 33.



Rockets vs Spurs Recap – January 27th

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