Aussie Rugby Star Had One Hell of a Night

Via-  Rugby league star Mitchell Pearce has been stood down and is set to be fined $50,000 after he was filmed allegedly simulating a sexual act with a dog and urinating on himself at an Australia Day party. ‘I think he should be stood aside. I think this should be the end of his career,’ Prof Lumby told ABC News 24.

There is an old saying I learned when I was a young boy, “Let he who has not gotten drunk, pissed his pants, force himself on lesbians, and dry hump a dog, cast the first stone.” Poor Mitch is getting a lot of heat and might lose his job for getting a little too wild, something everyone has done at least once in their life. You show me someone who has never had way too much booze and made some horrible decisions, and I’ll show you a liar.  Mitch was just caught in what I like to call “The Perfect Storm”.

  1. He is Australian.
  2. He is a millionaire.
  3. He was day drinking all day and night with his boys celebrating his country’s Independence Day.

You add those 3 things together and you got yourself a piss soaked couch and a little grinding action with a pup. I’m actually surprised nothing worse happened. You shoulda seen me on the 4th of July. The only true victims were the dog, Mitch’s dignity, and the poor couch. No harm, no foul. If it wasn’t for it being recorded, no one would even hear about it. Mitch has already been punished enough with the video going viral. No need to fine him or suspend him. Let him live. FREE MITCH!

Aussie Rugby Star Had One Hell of a Night

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