A Way Too Early Look Into the 2016 Texans Season

I understand we still have 2 weeks until the Super Bowl and it’s stupid to look into next season this early, but (fuck y’all) here is a quick view of the opponents:

Home Away
Kansas City Chiefs Denver Broncos
San Diego Chargers Oakland Raiders
Chicago Bears Green Bay Packers
Detroit Lions Minnesota Vikings
Cincinnati Bengals New England Patriots
Indianapolis Colts (Div.) Indianapolis Colts (Div.)
Tennessee Titans (Div.) Tennessee Titans (Div.)
Jacksonville Jaguars (Div.) Jacksonville Jaguars (Div.)

Lord have mercy on our souls. 6 playoff teams? The only playoff team we beat last year was the Bengals and that was ugly. Bears, Lions, Titans, and Chargers look like the only teams on the schedule that are heading south. All the other teams appear to either be the same caliber or better then they were this year. Raiders will be better. Colts should be better with a healthy Andrew Luck. For fucks sake, even the Jags will be better. I’m not saying the Texans can’t beat these teams, but if we learned anything from the KC massacre, its that we are not ready to make any real run at a Super Bowl.

Looking back on it now, was it really worth it? We lost 10 draft positions just to say we made the playoffs, so we could take the field Wildcard weekend and shit the bed. I would have gladly given the Colts the title just to have the 12th pick in the draft, instead we get raped on national TV. If winning a Super Bowl isn’t a realistic goal, then what the fucks the point? Major moves need to be made. 14 years… 14 fucking years and all we have is 2 playoff wins to show for it.

(YAYY can’t wait to raise another 2015 AFC SOUTH CHAMPIONSHIP BANNER! A division that went 25-39 overall with the 9-7 Texans being the only team over .500)

The Chiefs game was a huge disappointment. However, if there was one positive to take away from the Chiefs game it’s that thank God the game was not close. Lets say we lost by 3 points. They would go into the offseason thinking they are better off then they really are and they would most likely bring back Hoyer to compete. The last 3 regular season games the Texans won by a total of 80-22. Yet, it was against the 3 sisters of the poor, the AFC South. They needed a punch in the mouth. They needed a shutout to bring the offense back to earth. And most importantly, they needed Hoyer’s career to die out there like it did. There is no way he can come back. Now I’m not trying to be a Negative Nancy because there were plenty of positives to take away from the season. But if the goal is a ring, then shit needs to change. Here are 3 issues they need to address (there are plenty more obviously):

1: QB– I honestly don’t know what my boy Ricky Smith and Billy-O are going to do. They have to draft one after the pressure put on by Mr. McNair,  but will any QB be left that warrants a first round pick at slot 22? Free agent QB’s don’t look great. Tom Savage…. LOL. And I’m tired of hearing how great of a QB coach O’Brien is. He needs to nail his decision on the position because if he hangs his hat on a shit franchise QB, he will most likely eventually lose his job.

2: Free Agency/Trades– I know building a team through the draft is the best strategy, but who is the best free agent the Texans have signed as of late? Shane Lechler… Yeah J.JO and D. Manning were great pick ups, but it’s pretty sad when a punter makes your top 3. Ed Reed, Vince Wilfork, Cecil Shorts, Nate Washington, RAHIM MOORE. All has-beens. For once, Rick Smith needs to sign a big name and fix some of the many holes. Maybe even go a little crazy and trade for someone. Who knows. But I think ole Ricky is feeling the heat and I see him doing something this offseason.

3. Cut Foster– This hurts to say because I personally love Arian. Possibly my favorite running back to watch of all-time, but Foster is due 9 million next year. Is 9 mil to a 30 yr/old running back who has only played in roughly 50% of games the last 3 seasons worth it? NO! Foster, I love ya but ya gots to go. Achilles injury’s take a good year or two to heel. You are way to old for 9 mil. All i know is if you are still on the team by Week 1, there are serious problems or your contract was restructured. If Ezekiel Elliot is there at the Texans pick they should select him (assuming all the worthwhile QB’s are taken). And if choosing a RB in the first round is a legit option (when obviously QB is #1 need and the value of running backs is declining), then sorry Foster but your time has passed.


A Way Too Early Look Into the 2016 Texans Season

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