If Carolina Wins…..

The Super Bowl is coming up in two weeks and the headlines are rising…Peyton Vs. Cam, Battle of The Number 1 Picks, Broncos vs. Panthers Defense, blah blah blah. All boring headlines. Same BS reporters bring up to fill in stories because of the 2 week delay until the Super Bowl. Of all the stories and headlines, there are two big questions that need to be brought up if the Panthers win:

  1. Are they the best team in NFL history going 18-1?
  2. Is Cam Newton the best/most decorative player of all time at his age?

Lets discus the first question, which in retrospect I never thought would be possible at the beginning of the season. CBSsports had 2/8 reporters having them winning the NFC South. Nfl.com had 4/13 reporters with Carolina winning the South. Neither SI or ESPN had them winning.

As you can tell, not many people had them making the playoffs, now they’re 15-1. With one more win, Carolina will be up there on the list of best of all time teams. Now, lets compare the numbers to the 3 other teams who are widely considered the best of all time:

  • 2015 Panthers
    • 17-1 record
    • Best Scoring offense, 31 pts/g.
    • Best Rushing offense, 152 yds/g.
    • 10 Pro Bowlers
    • Beat teams by average of 13 pts/g..
  • 2007 Patriots
    • 18-1 losing to Giants in the Super Bowl.
    • Beat teams by average of 19 Pts/g.
    • 8 Pro Bowlers
    • Most Points, Season, 589
    • Highest Point Differential, Season, +315
    • Most First Downs, Season, 391
  • 1972 Dolphins
    • Super Bowl Champion
    • Only undefeated team in history.
    • Finished 1st on both offense and defense.
    • 10 Pro Bowlers
    • Beat teams by average of 15 Pts/g.
    • Only played 17 games however.
  • 1985 Bears
    • Super Bowl Champion
    • 18-1 (Only loss to Dan Marino and the Dophins which is considered one of MNF greatest games ever)
    • 9 Pro Bowlers
    • Outscored teams in the playoffs 91-10. (2 Shutouts)
    • Only gave up 198 points all season (12.4) a game.
    • 2nd in scoring offense.

If the Panthers win, I think they automatically move pass the Patriots. They would have the same record and even though I think the Pats were more talented, they didn’t get the Super Bowl win. What’s the point of going 18-1 if you can’t win it all.

The 72′ Dolphins did go undefeated and won the Super Bowl. But they only played a 14 game season which has to drop them down some points. If Miami had to play 2 more games, who knows if they would win out or not. But come on people, they played in 1972. 43 fucking years ago. Panthers would kill them if they played now. However, all the old timers will always give them the benefit of the doubt for winning every game they played, so I guess I cant knock them for that.

Now I was born in the early 90’s, so I didn’t get to see any of the 85 Bears games. But they go down as probably the most famous team of all time. Kinda like a folklore. Ditka, The Fridge, Walter Peyton, Jim McMahon and his headband, and the Super Bowl Shuffle were all household names. However, even though they did blowout teams and only lost one game, I wonder if all the side-notes I just mentioned fluctuated their legacy. Even after a 20 years difference, I still would place the Bears over the Panthers.

So my list of Best NFL Team of All-Time Rankings IF the Panthers win are:

  1. 85 Bears
  2. 15 Panthers
  3. 72 Dolphins
  4. 07 Patriots

(Insane to think this Panthers team we are watching is on this list)


Now for the second question: With a win, is Cam Newton the best/most decorative player of all time at his age?

  • National Championship at Florida (Tebows Backup)
  • National Championship at Blinn Junior College
  • National Championship at Auburn
  • (Never lost a game starting in college)
  • 2010 Heisman Trophy Winner
  • 2010 Walter Camp, Maxwell, and AP Player of the Year winner
  • 2011 Rookie of the Year
  • NFL MVP*
  • Super Bowl Champion*
  • Super Bowl MVP*

I don’t even have to do research and I know no one has that many accomplishments as Cam. Crazy thing is, he is only 26…. Easy answer has to be yes.

*Cam is basically a shoe in for the regular season MVP and if the Panthers do win the Super Bowl, Cam will most likely be the reason why.

If Carolina Wins…..

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