Divisional Playoffs Quick Recap

What a weekend. All 4 games ended up being decided by 7 or less points. That hasn’t happened in the Divisional Round since 2003. In case you were in a coma or had a bender and can’t remember the weekend, here is what you might have missed.

Kansas City 20- New England 27

Gronk and Edelman came back from injury in a big way. Eldelman had 10 catches for 100 yards, while Gronk had 83 yards and 2 scores. The other white knight, Amendola, only had 18 yards but he did have a nice little cheap-shot. Way to show you presence Danny Boy!


The game stayed close though out the entire game with the Chiefs always being 2 scores away. But Andy Reid does not know the meaning of clock management. The Chiefs’ final scoring drive was a 16-play, 80-yard march that was impressive. But it took 5 minutes, 16 seconds, and the Chiefs huddled once after the two-minute warning with the clock running and didn’t use any of their three timeouts. Andy you over sized goof, you had a chance and you blew it.


Green Bay 20- Arizona 26 OT

Best game of the weekend. But there is only 3 takeaways that everyone will be talking about.

  1. Lets flash forward to the 4th quarter. Green Bay is up 13-10. They give up a TD and a field goal to be down 20-13 with 1:55 left. The offense can’t move the ball and with 4 seconds left, what do you know it, Rodgers throws up a duck to send into overtime.


2) Then the coinflip for overtime. The poor ref doesn’t have enough muscle in his thumb to make the coin actually flip. Hit the gym one time for me ref. Ed Hochuli would of never had this problem.


3) Then Larry Fitzgerald comes up with a huge catch to put the Cardinals on the 4 yard line and eventually, receive a shuffle pass to end it.


Great game overall but all you need to know are those 3 things.


Seattle 24- Carolina 31

Literally it was a tale of two half’s. Carolina came out HOT. First play of the game, Stewart ran up the middle for 59 yards. Then 3 plays later, he scores a 4 yard TD. Two plays after that, Kuechly picks off and returns a touchdown to give the Panthers a 14 point lead. All in the first 4 minutes. It didn’t stop. Carolina went into the locker room at the half leading 31-0.

At half, commissioner Gordan turned on the Bat Signal looking for the Abstinence Dark Knight.


And boy did the virgin Bruce Wayne show up. Russell threw 3 touchdowns and helped bring the Seahawks to 31-24 with 1:12 left in the game. As much as I hate Wilson, did anyone really not expect him to come out and make thing interesting? But it was too late. Carolina squeaked out with the win and will host the Cardinals next week.

Pittsburgh 16- Denver 23

The walking Vicodin (Big Ben) and the Steelers had all the chances to win this game but never took advantage. Peyton looked bad. Denver receivers looked bad. The only one for Denver that looked good was McManus, who went 5/5 on field goals. Usually you can’t win in the playoffs settling for field goals. The Broncos somehow pulled it off.

On a side note, how much did Tomlin have on the Steelers to cover? The line was -7.5 Denver. Steelers were down 23-13 with :19 seconds left. Does Tomlin go for a touchdown and try to win the game? Nope. Lets just kick a field goal and cover. Fuck you Tomlin, fuck you. Backdoor like you read about.


Divisional Playoffs Quick Recap

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