Degenerate Picks- NFL Division Playoffs

With only 7 more games left until football is out of our lives for 8 months, its the perfect time to become a compulsive gambler! Last week I went 2-2 against the spread with wins on the under for KC v. HOU and GB in the blow out. On the other two games, I chose the right teams to win but was off 2 points on the SEA v. MIN and 1 point off the PIT v. CIN. So ehh, I’ll live with those loses. NFL playoffs are tough but here is a look for the Divisional Round games.

Kansas City v. -5 1/2 New England

The last time these two teams played, KC smacked the Pats around so bad that Belichick was actually asked if it was finally time to bench Tom Brady. No joke, if you don’t remember last year NE came into Arrowhead and got beat 41-14. But none of that matters because the Pats went 13-2 the rest of the season and got the last laugh with the Lombardi Trophy. So forget about that shit. Its a new year with 2 different teams. The Chiefs absolutely have a defense that can slow the Patriots down on Saturday, but can their offense keep up with Pats? No. Unless Brady throws for 4 picks like that bald head fuck in Houston, the Patriots should win. Especially with a extra week to prepare. Hopefully the Pats are done smoking K2/getting into bar fights and are ready to play.


*Note- Gronk went to the hospital last night with a infection in his knee. If he is healthy, I would keep the pick. If not, as stupid as this might sound, I would take the Chiefs. The line should move with this news, so we shall see.

Green Bay v. -7 Arizona 

Back in Week 15, the Cardinals pulled down the little Packers panties and went to town on them winning 38-8. Cardinals sacked Rodgers 8 times and recovered 2 of his fumbles for TD’s. Will that happen again? No. But don’t expect the Packers offense to be firing on all cylinders after one good game against a lesser opponent. The game won’t be as lopsided as it was a couple weeks ago. However, Arizona is simply better from top to bottom. 7 points is a lot but I see Arizona pulling it off.635868486007675342-GPG-ES-Packers-vs-Cardinals-12.27.1501006aaron-rodgers.vresize.1200.675.high.55


P.S- This IG post says it all. Poor Olivia. Aaron must have had to deal with so many awkward questions, asking about the proposal all week from the Munn’s family. Guys got a game to play and this happens. -7 Arizona looking even better.



Seattle v. -3 Carolina

This will probably be the best game of the weekend. Both teams are very much alike. On paper, the Seahawks have the edge on pretty much every category. The last time they played, Cam Newton drove down the field with :30 seconds left and threw a TD pass to Greg Olsen to win 27-23. But even after finishing the season 15-1, it seems like they are the most underrated 1 loss team in history. A win here over the Seahawks will go a long way in convincing the naysayers. A week off should help the future MVP Cam and I see Carolina pulling it off.


P.S- Why is this game not on Saturday night ?Gotta be the best game of the weekend. Instead you’re going to have the Packers being murdered live on prime time.Poor Cam, gets no love.


Pittsburgh vs. Denver*

*Line isnt posted yet. Other lines are all over the place. Will update when a reliable line is up.



Degenerate Picks- NFL Division Playoffs

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