LA Rams are back. San Diego needs its hero to keep the team. The Los Angeles Rams are back. NFL owners in Houston voted 30-2 to ratify the Rams’ relocation application for an immediate move to L.A., where the team will eventually begin play at owner Stan Kroenke’s proposed stadium site in Inglewood in 2019. The Rams could be joined by the Chargers, who have a one-year option to decide if they want to relocate and join the Rams in Inglewood. The window creates the possibility — however slight — that the Chargers could remain in San Diego. The city is hosting a June vote for $350 million in public funding toward a new facility to replace Qualcomm Stadium. It is possible that the Chargers put off a final decision until that vote takes place.

Sorry St. Louis. Your city is a dump and is boring as hell. So when LA comes a calling, you don’t say no. St. Louis is only a baseball town and the Rams could barley fill out the Edward Jones Dome. Just look at a picture taken from the 2nd quarter versus the Saints.


I don’t even think St. Louis fans will even realize they are gone, so good move for the Rams. San Diego on the other hand, is a beautiful city, great weather, and a supportive fan-base. But they need a new stadium badly. Qualcomm was built in 1967 and for a fan base as loyal as the Chargers fans that have never won a Super Bowl, give the people what the want. The City of San Diego though is cheap and isn’t doing anything to help them stay. These fans need help. They need a hero.

Well San Diego, your prayers have been answered. BOLTMAN IS BACK TO FIGHT THE CITY!


“With great power comes great responsibility”- Boltman probably.

So don’t worry Charger fans. Boltman is here and he is ready to fight. Looks like the whole City of San Diego is good hands. Thank you Boltman.


In all seriousness, how does this guy think that dressing up in that costume will help his cause? Imagine your on the City Council and this guy walks up and talks on the microphone. 10 out of 10 times I’m rejecting anything this freak wants.

LA Rams are back. San Diego needs its hero to keep the team.

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