Degenerate Picks- Wildcard Weekend

WILDCARD WEEKEND BITCHES! Welp there is only 11 more games for all the degenerates out there to bet on (unless you count the Pro Bowl and if you’re betting on that, you need to check yourself into a clinic). My New Year Eve Picks didn’t go as planned but the 3rd Ward Cougars did saved me from going 0-3 and eating mustard sandwiches for the week. Here are the picks:

Kansas City vs. Houston  Under 40

Both teams have excellent defense’s. Kansas City has only given up a average of 12.5 points a game during its last 10 games, while Houston has held teams to 10 or fewer points in six out of their last 7 wins. Both defense’s are hot at the right time. I don’t see these offenses to score much. Take the under.

Pittsburgh -3 vs. Cincinnati


Two words: AJ MCCARRON. Yeah he’s been looking better in his past 3 games throwing for 4 TD’s and no picks. But look at that picture. Nope. No way I’m picking the Bengals and all their offensive weapons with a QB tatted like that. I just picture him poppin shirt in the locker room, showing off his sweet tats and trying to fit in. Then Pacman walks in and stuffs him the dirty laundry basket. But for real, its the Bengals. All they are good for is showing up to the playoffs and dying in the first game. The last game they played the Steelers with McCarron, the Steelers won by 13. However, they had a pick- 6 and got lucky with a turnover in the 20 yard line that set up a score. The game will be close. I would feel better with DeAngelo playing but I see Triple-Chin Big Ben and his passing offense being too powerful.


Seattle -3 vs. Minnesota

Seattle is on fire the last couple weeks. The game is suppose to be one of the coldest in NFL history with wind chill to hit -15 and -20 degrees below zero. Both teams will have to rely on the running game and the Vikings shouldn’t have a problem with AP in the backfield. They are 7-0 when he runs for 100 yards or more. However, Seattle has the number 1 run defense and with Lynch projected to come back, I see Seattle dropping the hammer on them. The last time they played, Seattle won on the road 38-7 with the Vikings only score coming from a Patterson 101-yard kickoff return. Minnesota isn’t real and I would throw serious cash on Seattle.

Green Bay vs. Washington -1

Both teams are unpredictable. However, when it comes to the playoffs, who do you really think is going to win, Rodgers or Cousins? Rodgers 10/10. -1 really? 4 out of Green Bay’s 6 loses are from playoff teams. They are too good not to find a way to win. Take the Pack.


Degenerate Picks- Wildcard Weekend

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