Degenerate Picks- NYE Edition

Before I get in on these picks, why the fuck are both playoff games on a Thursday in the day? I get the NCAA wants to start making NYE a tradition but shit, put them on a Saturday or on New Years so people can watch it on their off days. Anyways, here are picks to go by today:

Houston v. FSU -7

At first glance it looks like a easy FSU pick. The Georgia Dome will be packed with Nole fans and Houston hasn’t faced a team with that speed and Devin Cook is a monster. But I see Tom . Herman having his team ready and I don’t see them losing by 7. Take Houston.

OU -4 v. Clemson

Clemson has never looked dominant on defense all season. Their best wins are ND by 2, FSU by 10, and North Carolina by 5.  Yeah those are good teams, but all are over-rated and they didn’t look amazing in any of them. OU on the other hand has beaten 9 bowl teams this season including 3 Top 10 teams and Tennessee in the beginning. I feel like OU will kill them and move on to the Championship.

Mich. State v. Alabama -10.5

Michigan State is not good enough to beat Bama. Plain and simple. However, both teams are boring offenses and both teams will score. I see Bama winning but not by 10.5. Take Mich. State.


Im already in the dumps eating Mustard Sandwichs after losing big on A&M last night. But take these picks if you want to be rich.

Degenerate Picks- NYE Edition

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